Chocolate Cake

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Chocolate Cake Recipe

Are you a person who melts when the chocolate melts? Does your heart pound on ecstasy on seeing a bar of chocolate? Is that the scent of chocolate that drives you insane?

Here is an elixir to satiate your chocolate lust. This is a warm recipe to refresh your chocolaty mood. A cakey drug of chocolate that will confine you in its chocolatey reign.

You might be searching for ways to flatter your beloved one on a special occasion. Either you looking for ways to levitate your kid on his/ her birthday with their favourite chocolate birthday cake? Are you still hesitant to have your first bite of cake because you are egg resistant?

Stop chasing bakeries for a perfect cake, while you can make your own chocolate cake at home within an hour. Pep up any party that you have at home with your special eggless chocolate cake. This is completely a vegetarian recipe. However, you can add eggs if you would like to.

There is always a rivalry between the fudgy and fluffy cakes. This is a flawless simple chocolate cake recipe balancing between fluffy and fudgy consistency of a cake.

Some people always want to try the cake at home but are timid to slide into the shoes of a baker. Trust me when I say that baking is as easy as cooking. The following recipe constitutes a three-layered chocolate cake with a buttery cream of frosting.

You can use this cake for any special occasion. You shall customize the cake with the mould shape you would equip. Use a heart mould for the valentines day, Micky mouse mould for your kid’s birthday, and regular square and round according to the event.

Do not delay to scroll down to get the simple chocolate cake recipe!


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