Christmas Recipes

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Tasty Christmas Recipes

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. The chilly winter combined with the christmas excitement is just perfect. Dining tables are loaded with christmas feast the whole day. Cristmas recipes include various types of veg and non veg, sweet and spicy delicacies for the whole day.

Starting with appetizers, there are a number of tasty christmas dinner recipes. Christmas appetizers recipes include recipes like hasselback potato bites, meatball bites, avocado crostini and salmon toast. Salads are the healthiest part of the meal. Christmas salads recipes include brussels sprouts salad, chicken kale salad, caesar salad, waldorf chicken salad, maple walnut salad, etc.

Ham is the most popular main course in Christmas. Christmas ham recipes include pecan baked ham, ham with barbeque sauce, honey glazed ham, baked ham with herbs, sriracha ham and many more. Dessert is a very toothsome part of the dinner. Christmas dessert recipes include brown sugar cheesecakes, brownies, eggnog pudding, snowman cupcakes, cherry cordial, peppermint cheesecake, etc.

Besides the recipes for christmas, various christmas drink recipes like candy cane cocoa, cranberry wassail, holiday mimosa, poinsettias or gluehwein are also made.  There also many christmas treat recipes including cookies, cracks, cocktails, punches, candies and much more. Kids’ favourite delectable christmas candy recipes consists of recipes like butterscotch squares, peppermint pretzels, pecan bonbons or gumdrops.

Holiday Christmas Recipes

There are multiple types of christmas cookies recipes. Best christmas cookies include chocolate cranberry cookies, caramel  red velvet cookies, brownie cookies, gingerbread hazelnut cookies, fig nut cookies and cinnamon date filled cookies.

Some more easy christmas cookies include pignoli cookies, coconut cookies, ginger crinkle cookies, snickerdoodles, peanut butter cookies, etc. Christmas sugar cookie recipe include recipes like sombrero cookies, lemon sugar cookies, cinnamon sugar cookies and nutella stuffed sugar cookies.

Also, there are christmas crack recipe like saltine toffee crack, peanut butter crack, pecan crack, etc. Delectable christmas pudding recipes include plum pudding, cranberry pudding, apple carrot pudding, etc. Moreover, there are christmas cocktails recipes winter sangria, spiced wine, limoncello prosecco, pomegranate mojito, etc. For the punch lovers, there are christmas punch recipes are cran orange punch, faithful punche, jingle juice and margarita punch.

1. Vanilla Butter Cookies

Everyone loves cookies. There are many types of cookies available all across the world. Vanilla Butter Cookies are one such famous cookie found all over the world. They are loved by adults and kids the same.  Eggs are important for health. They are a great source of protein. Flour is a good source of Carbohydrate.  

2. Carrot burfi

Carrot Burfi recipe(is also called as Gajar ki Burfi or Gajar Burfi or Carrot Besan Burfi) is tasty, healthy, nutritious and mouthwatering recipe with their orange color any one will be tempted to eat them more and more.   Besides carrots are very healthy vegetable and are good for eye sight, the dry fruits are energy dense and ghee makes the skin soft during winters. 

3. Coconut Bun

India is a country which is rich in flavour.  They are considered healthy because they contain jaggery which is rich in iron. Coconut in itself is full of nutrients, it contains iron, manganese, zinc and various other salts considered healthy for consumption. Sweet to taste and rich in nutrients make it a healthy food in whole.

4. Mango Delight

It creates a fusion recipe which is unique throughout the world. There are many fusion recipes that are found all over India. One such recipe is Mango Delight. This sweet recipe is an instant hit among kids. Mango is a tropical fruit that grows all over India. Mangoes are treasure trove of nutrition. And also health benefits received from them are enormous. 

5. Coconut Milk Rice

Huge usage of coconut milk makes this rice a very healthy option to consider. Authentic recipe of the coconut milk can ensure that you have good health along with great taste. Coconut milk is a very good ingredient to lower the blood pressure and reduce cholesterol. They are basically a very good source of lauric acid which can be very good antiviral and antibacterial property.


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