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Goa is a beautiful place and so is the goan culture. It is a lovely combination of portuguese and indian culture. The goan cuisine offers a variety of delicious coastal and authentic regional recipes. These goan recipes are very popular and loved not only in India but throughout the world.

Goa is very famous for its seafood and fish curries is a large part of it. Goan fish curry recipe is very spicy and thus is loved by all. Recipe of goan curry is mostly the same in all curries only the type of fish changes and its cooking style. Though the authentic goan fish curry recipe is made of pomfret, other goan fish curry recipes include caldine curry, goan fish curry, shark ambot tik, etc.

Besides the curry, other goan fish recipes include fish hooman, fish recheado, fried fish, fish xacuti, etc. More goan food recipes include the prawn recipes like prawn pulao, prawn pickle, prawn balchao, fried prawns and many more. The most loved in these is the goan prawn curry recipe which the authentic coastal flavours of goa.

Another famous goan curry recipe is the spicy and tasty goan chicken curry recipe. More goan chicken recipes include chicken cafreal, chicken xacuti, chicken cutlets, chicken guisado, etc. Also, there are some tasty goan pork recipes like pork vindaloo, pork pies, pork sorpotel, pork stew and pork roast. Sausages are also a loved food ingredient in Goa. Goan sausage recipe include sausage pulao, sausage chilli fry, sausage curry, pork sausage curry, etc.

Though most of the traditional goan food recipes are non vegetarian, there are also some goan vegetarian recipes. These include chana ros, goan khatkhati, amlechi Uddamethi, kelyachyo fodi, mushroom vindaloo and tendli bhaji. With the high christian population of Goa, Christmas is a rather important festival these. It is celebrated with zeal and joy. Goa has its own range of christmas delicacies with a number of delicious sweet recipes. Goan christmas sweet recipes include bebinca, guavacheese, dodol, ose cookies, kalkal, marzipan, goan nankhatai, pinaca, cocad and many other.

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