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Best Gujarat Recipes

The beautiful state of Gujarat, also known as a ‘the jewel of western India’ is a very rich state. Right from the history to culture and cuisine, everything depicts wealth and greatness in itself. Home to many beautiful cities and a prosperous history, Gujarat provides the most mesmerising experience ever. The gujarati cuisine is also filled with a number of flavoursome Gujarat recipes.

The most popular tasty gujarat recipes include khaman dholka, khandvi, dal dhokli, handvo, thepla, etc. Another such gujarat recipe is undhiyu. All these recipes are very tasty and wholesome. None of these recipes is fried, thus maintaining their high nutritional value. Some more gujarati recipes include atta ka sheera, sambhariya, fada ni khichdi, khakhra, mango chunda, etc.

Recipes of gujarat have the traditional flavours and spices, thus making them  special. A few such recipes are surti locho, palak mangodi, aloo bhakarvadi, padvali roti, gujrati kadhi, methia keri, doodhi muthia and methi kela dapka. Gujarat is known widely for its range in sweets and namkeen better known as farsan. The best namkeen and sweets are made there.

Some such gujarat special recipes are faraali pattice, sarasiya khaja, bhajiya, fafda, nimki, ganthia, patra, chakli, sev mamra, chorafali, vatana kachori, gujrati samosa and chakli. Besides these, there are also gujarat sweet recipes like golpapdi, moong dal sheera, halwasan, gur papdi, kopra pak, etc.

All the gujarat special sweet recipes contain the traditional flavours of the land and the sweetness of its culture. The recipes of most of these sweets has been kept same over the years and thus have their original flavour still. More such gujarat sweet recipe include magaz, doodh paak, amrakhand, mohanthaal, basundi, lapsi, makai jajaria, anjeer dates barfi, etc.

Carrot burfi: How to make gajar barfi | Carrot burfi recipe thumbnail

Carrot burfi: How to make gajar barfi | Carrot burfi recipe

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Carrot burfi recipe: Carrot Burfi recipe(is also called as Gajar ki Burfi or Gajar Burfi ...

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