Eggless Recipes

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Yummy Eggless Recipes

A prominent type allergy is egg allergy. Also, there are strict vegetarians who don’t eat eggs. These people miss a lot of tasty recipes like cakes. But there is one solution for these  people, i.e. eggless recipes. In these recipes, substitutes like yeast are used in place of eggs to make delicious recipes.

Cake is one of the most loved recipes in which egg is a major ingredient. But now there  is eggless cake recipe in which yeast is used instead of eggs. Recipe of eggless cake is very easy and tasty. Some eggless cake recipes include eggless truffle cake, banana cake, marble cake, sponge cake, chocolate chestnut cake, etc. Of all, chocolate cake recipe is the tastiest.

No oven is also not a problem, cakes can be made in cooker as well. Eggless cake recipe in cooker is equally tasty and wholesome. The best of these cake recipes is the eggless vanilla cake recipe, which can be combined with a variety of frosting and layered to create tasty cakes. The eggless chocolate cake recipes are also possible in cooker to make  tasty dessert.

Another interesting delectable cake recipes is the eggless black forest cake recipe, which can be made very easily. Besides the cakes, there is eggless pancake recipe which can make the perfect breakfast. Also, there is eggless brownie recipe for tiffins or eating on the way.

Another delicious dessert is the eggless chocolate mousse recipe. It is best to be served over dinners. One of the best eggless snack is the eggless cookies recipe like butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, oats cookies, etc. Besides sweet, eggless mayonnaise recipe is also available nowadays, in which cream cheese is used in place of egg whites.


Quesadillas means a tortilla filled with cheese and heated. Its a Italian dish. It goes fantastic with cheese dip or salsa.It gives a slightly bitter taste in nature which adds a tangy different punch to the cuisine. It is a perfect anti oxidant. The chilly flakes gives a spicy taste as always and can enhance the food once mixed with vegetables along with salt and cheese to melt.

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