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Healthy Flour recipes

Flour is made by grinding grains, legumes, nuts, or seeds into a fine powder.When these substances are ground into coarse powders, the result is referred to as “meal” rather than “flour.”Different types of wheat flours have different amounts of gluten development. Bread flour develops a lot of gluten, while cake flour is relatively low in gluten because cakes should be less chewy than pizzas and bread. Cake flour still has enough gluten to keep baked goods from crumbling.flour recipes that make the perfect snack or treat.

You can use flours made from these grains in baking, but they won’t hold your baked goods together well. You’ll get the best results when you combine different types of low-protein flour in their baked goods.

1.Veg Bonda Recipe

Veg Bonda Recipe is a well-known south Indian snack, which is prepared in households eateries.Veg Bonda is the best evening time snack to have with a hot sip of tea or coffee. This is healthy snacks filling to children.

2.Punjabi Aloo Paratha Recipe

Aloo Paratha Recipe is a favorite dish for many. The divine tasting dish is a filling option for breakfast.Punjabi Aloo Paratha recipe is the aloo stuffing paratha which can specially serving in Punjabi Restaurants.

3.Gobi Manchurian Dry Recipe

Gobi Manchurian Dry Recipe is one of the most famous appetizers in the Indian cuisine.Gobi manchurian is the famous restaurant food the children ever favor recipe. This is the very good starter or snack serves in restaurants.

4.Kala Chana Chaat Recipe

Kala chana chaat recipe is a nourishing snack or appetizer that can be prepared effortlessly at home.Kala channa chaat is spicy,tangy and sour healthy recipe.It is good to children elders  and No Oil,No sugar,recipe.

5.Savory Shankarpali Recipe

Savory shankarpali recipe is a spicy sister of the sweet version and commonly known as “namkeen” or “tikhat shankarpali”.The North Indian name given to this snack is “shakkar pare”.Finally, Savory sankarapali is the crispy and tasty snack recipe specially preparing for festive occasions.

6.Cabbage Paratha Recipe

Cabbage paratha with raita is probably the most discrete way to feed all the nutrition in a go. It is easy. If you want to try similar paratha recipes, try paneer paratha, mix veg paratha, cabbage aloo paratha, onion paratha, dal stuffed paratha. 

7.Chilli Chicken Recipe

Chilli chicken recipe is one of the sought after recipes to be matching with fried rice, noodles. It is an important dish in the Indo-Chinese cuisine.Chicken chettinaadspicy chicken curry are few other options exploring by many.This is a very famous indo Chinese dish using chicken and most of the people loves this dish from restaurants.

8.Rice Cracker

In Indian cuisine is rich with spicy snacks like chats kachori and pani poori and sweets and desserts.Rice cracker is also a favorite snack in most of the houses In Tamil Nadu and Andhra.

9.Sweet Paniyaram

Indian cuisine is vast and enormous. It contains many sub cuisine in itself. The sheer amount of recipes present in Indian cuisine is mind boggling.Rice Flour helps in providing necessary carbohydrates to body. Sweet Paniyaram Recipe is a traditional recipe of South India.

10.Idli Batter Bonda

India is a vast and diverse country. It has the largest population of the world.Idli Batter Bonda is loved by both adults and kids.We can easily prepare Idli Batter Banda at home but is mainly available in Canteens and Tiffin Centres.

11.Bottle Gourd Roti

Roti is possibly one of the most popular flat breads that is consumed in India with almost every family incorporating rotis in their daily meals.Another healthy vegetable is the bottle gourd which is also an excellent digestive source of food.

12.Vanilla Butter Cookies

Everyone loves cookies.There are many types of cookies available all across the world.Vanilla Butter Cookies are one such famous cookie found all over the world.Eggs are important for health. They are a great source of protein. 

13.Mixed greens paratha

Parathas have to be one of the most popular types of unleavened flatbreads consumed in almost every part of India.Consider looking up a hara dhania paratha recipe too for another healthy breakfast option for the kids.

14.Aloo paratha

Aloo paratha, a type of Indian stuffed flat bread, are made from unleavened dough with a filling of mashed potatoes and cooked in butter or ghee.Eating at least two parathas in the mornings for breakfast is sufficient enough to keep one full for a decent amount of time.

15.Sweet samosa

In India, there are numerous types of tea snacks including sweets and savoury. One of the most commonly served snacks are samosas.Apple sweet samosa and koya mixed dry fruits kajjikai are other great additions to the table on birthdays.

16.Ragi malt

Ragi malt is a health drink that is a form of porridge. That can be consumed as either a sweet drink or with salt which is good for both children and adults alike.This drink is especially beneficial for infants and young growing children.

17.Oats Pan Cake

Pancakes are thin cakes that are made using a thick batter on a hot frying pan. It is also famous all around the world.Mango Oats Pan Cake are also quite famous within kids for its sweet taste. 

18.Ragi Happala

India is a country full of diversity. Therefore, in this country one can find many different flavours and many unique recipes.Ragi is very nutritious in nature.Children and Adults all over India like Papads.

19.Egg roll

One will find delicious recipes at every corner of India. There are all sorts of flavours available in India.This recipe is also very delicious and is an instant hit among kids.This recipe is so famous in West Bengal that one may find fast food joints specifically dedicated to prepare Egg Rolls.

20.Sweet corn Samosa

Samosas are a favourite in almost every Indian household. Be it at tea time or as a starter snack.the addition of cooked sweet corn has its health benefits.

21.Tawa Pizza

World is full of delicious wonders.Pizza originally was invented in Italy.Tawa Pizza is also a very delicious recipe. Many considers this preparation as snacks but we can take it as Main Course also.

22.Boondi ladoo

Indian cuisine is diverse and rich in flavour. One can find all sorts of flavours ranging from hot spicy flavours to sweet delicacies.Boondi Ladoos are generally prepared as celebration treats for the eve festivals like Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navaratri.

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