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Delicious Dinner recipes

Dinner is a very important and last meal of the day. For some it is also the meal where the whole family meets after a hectic day. Most celebrations are done on dinners. People invite important people and friends on dinners. All in all diner is a delicious meal people share with their loved ones.

Besides the food, presentation is also very important. Similarly at dinners, along with the tasty diner recipes, it should also be served in beautiful sets. This is why, everyone buys beautiful dinner sets. A proper dinner-set on the table, makes the dinnner complete. Everyone loves a beautiful crockery dinner set, some like silver dinner sets while some prefer the strong and shiny dinner set steel. Each of these, increases the class of the table.

A typical set of indian dinners include chapathi or any other indian bread accompanied with a dry or gravy curry and a rice recipe. Some of these curry dinner recipes are masala bhindi, lauki kofta curry,shrimp curry, baigan bharta, prawn curry, keema aloo, fish curry, etc. Some more traditional recipes are dal makhani, nargisi kofta, puliyogare gojju, basale pundi, pork vindaloo, dum paneer, lucknowi dum aloo and aloo billahi maas.

Rice recipes are equally important and highly delicious for dinners. A few of these rice dinners include  jeera rice, pongal, lemon rice, ellu sadam, vegetable tahiri, curd rice and puliyodharai. There are also many pulao and biryani recipes like vegetable pulao, tawa pulao, veg biryani, paneer biryani, mutton pulao, mutton biryani, shrimp biryani, chicken dum biryani, etc.

Chicken is yet another loved ingredient for dinners. Many main course and side dish recipes made from chicken are loved on the dining table. Some such recipes are chicken tikka masala, murg hara pyaza, ginger chicken, chicken curry, andhra  kodi kura, butter chicken, chicken korma, etc. Besides these there are also many side dishes like chicken 65, chicken manchurian, chicken lollipop, chicken nuggets, andhra chicken fry, etc.

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Mutton Curry: How to prepare Mutton curry with potato recipe

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Mutton curry recipe: Indian Cuisine is vast and diverse. It also consist of all sorts ...

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