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Delicious Lunch Box Recipes

From school kids to the working class adults, everyone nowadays has to carry a lunch box. Thus, Lunch box recipes are important that the food inside the box is very tasty, especially for kids since they are very choosy and tend not to eat everything. On the other hand, the food must be healthy as well to provide proper nutrition to them.

There are many easy and tasty lunch box recipes, perfect for kids as well as adults. Some of these recipes for lunch box include methi paratha, jam sandwich, chapati with curry, moong dal chila and veggie upma. Another interesting lunch box recipe is vegetable cutlet which is loved by everyone.

Kids are very choosy when it comes to food so we need special recipes for kids lunch box. Some kids lunch box recipes include chana sandwich, paneer bread roll, aloo sandwich, chocolate sandwich, etc. More of them for kids include masala pasta, egg noodles, bread poha, fried idli, kathi rolls, etc. Some innovative school lunch box recipes are oats idli, kathi rolls, sweet paniyaram, bread upma, cheese balls, chicken manchurian and mutton kebabs.

Unlike kids, adults’ need more healthy food. Some of its healthy recipes are fried chicken, curd rice, oats idli, sheera, chicken sandwich, mix veg paratha, etc. More lunch box recipes for adults include vegetable khichdi, veg rolls, egg paratha, chicken curry with plain paratha, etc. There are also many rice recipes fit for lunch box. Some variety rice recipes for lunch box are tawa pulao, prawn biryani, vegetable biryani, mutton pulao, fried rice, schezwan rice, paneer pulao, masala pav, etc.

Working mothers don’t get much time to prepare lunch boxes and so need quick and easy recipes. Quick lunch box recipes include chilli paneer, garlic toast, aloo matar curry, omelette, dahi chicken and urlai roast. Another easy lunch box recipe is instant noodles which can be made in minutes. More easy indian lunch box recipes include pulihora, keerai vadai, tomato rice, mushroom fry, vermicelli upma, chicken stir fry, lemon rice, etc.

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