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Nutritious Salad recipes

The healthiest part of any meal is the salad. This low cal delicacy is the best start to any meal. Bu besides just with meals, salads can be eaten during any time of the day. Also, it’s not just about vegetable salad, there are various types of salads which can be enjoyed any time.

The most basic salad recipes we are familiar with are vegetable salad, kachumbar, koshimbir, etc. But besides these , many other salads are possible both vegetarian as well as non vegetarian. The answer to ‘How to make salad?’ is not very easy. Though the simplest vegetable salad can be made by putting together vegetables and salad dressing, the method to make different kinds of salad changes widely.

Salad dressing plays a major role in enhancing the taste and flavour of the salad. Some delicious veg salad recipes are sprouts salad, aloo anardana salad, sweet corn salad, carrot sambharo salad and raw mango salad. Salad can play a major role in weight loss. Salads for weight loss mainly contains non veg salads like the chicken salad.

Chicken salad has a number of recipes. Some of the chicken salad recipe are lettuce chicken salad, avocado chicken salad and honey lemon chicken. Another such salad is the caesar salad. Filled with the richness of veggies and the beautiful flavour of the sauced lemony dressing it is very tasty. Though the classic recipe contains eggs, caesar salad can be made healthier by adding chicken and converting it into chicken caesar salad. Russian salad is a very peculiar and tasty recipe since  unlike most salads, the veggies used here are par boiled or blanched. Chicken or fish can be added to the basic recipe to make russian fish salad or russian chicken salad.

Greek salad is also a very tasty and nutritious. Filled with the goodness of fresh veggies and feta cheese combined with the piquant flavoursome dressing greek salad is just the perfect accompaniment to any dinner. Green salad is considered most wholesome as it contains the goodness of leafy greens. Besides the basic mixed greens salad, some other green salads are spinach salad, lettuce green apple salad, spinach cucumber salad, etc.

A very interesting salad recipe is the pasta salad. The goodness of salad is combined smartly with the taste of pasta making it very interesting and delicious. Besides the veggie salads, another salad loved buy fitness freaks is the fruit salad. A tasty and healthy combination of multiple fresh fruits, the fruit salad recipe is simple.

Furthermore, the salads can be made to look extraordinarily good. With a little innovation and creativity, the salad can be made to look like a masterpiece on the dinner table. There are a number of ideas available on internet regarding salad decoration.

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Winter fruit salad: How to make winter fruit salad recipe

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Winter fruit salad recipe: Everyone considers fruits as the greatest natural foods on earth. Fruits are ...

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