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Easy Healthy Sabzi Recipes

Indians are famous for their “sabzies” or commonly known as tempered and cooked vegetables. No Indian “thali”, for lunch or dinner, is complete and resplendent without the goodness of a spiced Indian sabzi-roti, daal, papad and dahi. And no Indian subji mandi is scarcely stocked with the most fresh and livid vegetables and fruits these days. So load up the basket with these goodies as sabzi recipes are a blessing in disguise to the Indian meals. Nutritionists suggest that intake of 3-5 Healthy Sabzis a day is essential.

The key to keeping a vegetable retain its nutritive and balanced quotient is to not overcook it and use of less oil. Vegetables like beans, peas, leafy vegetables are low in calories but rich of vitamins and minerals. You can load up your meal plan with as many vegetables as possible as they help fighting diseases and boosting your immunity.

Healthy Sabzis are cooked in many ways – with gravy, dry, or semi dry. Avoid use of cashewnut paste or rich gravies to keep your sabzi under the low calorie mark. Use a lot of leafy greens, beans, tofu, soya granules to your daily meals to shed kilos.

Sadly though, even with the greatest of health benefits the most unliked recipes of all time are that of karela sabji and lauki sabji. In restaurants and diners, the most favored are indian vegetable recipes, punjabi sabzi recipes, south indian poriyal recipes and kootu recipes. Find more on these easy and simple recipes of paneer sabzi, soya sabzi, cauliflower sabji, brinjal or eggplant sabji, palak sabji, aloo palak, corn and peas sabji, palak panner, malai kofta, methi besan, cauliflower and potato stir fry. Make your meals healthier, easier and wholesome with these simple sabji recipes.

1. Chal Kumro curry

Dal plays a major role in the Indian cuisine especially in north India, Chal kumro moong dhal is a famous traditional Bengali recipe.  Ash gourd is sold in market as winter melon and winter melon curry made with moong dhal is rich in nutritional value. Ash guard recipe is packed with lot of health benefits, it benefits diabetic patients and induces relief from peptic ulcer and it acts as a cooling agent. 

2. Gawar Sabzi

Gawar sabzi or cluster bean curry is a delicious vegetarian dish that is common in many Indian households. Cluster beans carry with them a lot of health benefits especially for pregnant women owing to the high nutritional value. This form of legume has Vitamins A, B & K and also contain potassium, calcium, fibre, folate, and iron making it a wonder vegetable. Gawar bean curry is a great dish to serve your vegetarian guests as it is 100 percent vegetarian and is healthy. 

3. Aloo Karela Sabzi

Aloo Karela Sabzi is a recipe from Kerala. Also Aloo Karela Sabzi is famous throughout the world.  This recipe is loved by both Kids and Adults. The main ingredients of the recipe are Bitter Melon and Potato. Bitter Melon is very good for health. It helps in reducing blood sugar level. It helps in Diabetes, Kidney Stones, Pancreatic Cancer, etc. Bitter Melon also helps in Weight Loss. In whole this is a very healthy and delicious recipe. 

4. Potato Drumstick leaf curry

Drumstick leaves, popularly known as Moringa or Murungai is one of the powerful, essential iron rich component that everyone should include in their daily dose of greens.  Potato Drumstick leaf curry recipe is not a favored dish or cooked often, yet it has some amazing health benefits. Moringa or drumstick leaves keep diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. They also help in controlling blood glucose, cholesterol levels and provide supplementary help in digestion. 

5. Mixed vegetables

Bitter Gourd with mix vegetables is quite a traditional cuisine in North India. This is also popular Bengali recipe known as ‘Shukto’.   As mixed vegetables consists of various veggies in preparation the health factor cannot be denied anyways. Bitter Gourd is also known as ‘Karela’ and has its own health benefits too. Each and every individual should have known that if they want to live a healthy life they need to change their habits of eating. 

6. Ivy gourd fry

ivy gourd fry is famous in Maharashtra and South, especially Andhra. Consequently, this glorious vegetable has a chock load of nutrients, minerals, vitamins like B1, B2 and dietary fiber. Even with all the good talk about its nutritional value. . Include it in your daily diet to keep your digestive tract healthy.  

7. Potato Okra Pulusu

Indian cuisine is vast and enormous. Therefore,one can find all types of recipes here ranging from complicated recipes to easy recipes. In addition Potato is good for health. Consequently, it is a great source of Carbohydrate. As a result, Ladies Finger contains Fiber and other nutrients which make it very important for health.  Most noteworthy,these help in enhancing the taste much as nutritional value of the recipe. 

8. Karela Sweet fry

In India one will find many vegetarian recipes. India has the world’s largest vegetarian population. Karela or Bitter Gourd is produced all over country. Jaggery is rich in iron and minerals. Karela on the other is full of nutrition and important for health. Karela is good for diabetes and blood sugar related problems. These will help in increasing the nutritional value of the recipe. 

9. Palak khichdi

India is a country where the world’s largest vegetarian community resides. There are many vegetarian recipes found all over India. Khichdi preparations are famous in India.   Palak is good for health it is full of Vitamins and Minerals necessary for human consumption. Dal consists of Vitamins and proteins too.  All these make Palak Khichdi very healthy and tasty preparation in whole. Palak Khichdi because of its health benefits is famous among those who are health conscious. 

10. Ivy gourd peanut fry

Ivy Gourd peanut fry is a combination of roasted peanuts and stir fried ivy gourd.  The peanut is also known as the groundnut and it is rich in calories. Nutrition fact of peanut counts 567 calories per 100 grams. It is also a rich source of Vitamins. It contains 18 K cal/cup and prevents kidney stones, fatigue etc. Apart from their delightful taste Ivy gourd is a good source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

11. Potoler dolma

India is rich in Flora and Fauna. Indian cuisine is rich in flavour. Bengali cuisine which is a part of Indian Cuisine is famous all around India.  Pointed Gourds are very good for health and are great in taste. Pointed gourd is stuffed with shrimp making it even tastier and healthier.

12. Kerala Vegetable Stew

The Vegetable Stew for appam is very quick to make and loaded with lots of vegetables making it healthy and nutritious.  we may rightly call it as Rich vegetable stew. A portion of this delicious stew works out at only 172 calories per serving. 

13. Bhindi tomato Masala

In India world’s largest Vegetarian population resides. Nearly 2/5ths of the Indian population is vegetarian. Since there are many vegetarians there are also many vegetarian recipes. Both Ladies Finger and Tomato are good for health and are great in taste. These help in making the Bhindi Tomato Masala recipe more palatable and increase the health benefits as well. 

14. Jackfruit seeds gravy

Not only are they tasty, but jackfruits carry a lot of health benefits. This deliciously sweet fruit is rich in minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, fat and electrolytes besides a whole lot more. Aside from the fruit itself, the seeds are also considered extremely healthy and consuming the seeds regularly is good for the skin, hair, digestion and is anti-cancerous. Jackfruit seeds can also be added while cooking for added flavour and nutrition. 

15. Bitter gourd stir fry

Bitter gourd, popularly known as karela in India, is extremely bitter and we can also consider it as both a vegetable and fruit. It is also one of the healthiest vegetables as it is known to fight many different types of diseases including diabetes. Bitter gourd stir fry has also high nutritional value and is good for digestion, constipation, skin and has antioxidants that slow down the process of ageing.

16. Sundakkai sambar

Sundakkai sambar or sundakkai curry is a delicious dish that is fairly common across South India. It is considered to be a medicinal vegetable and is known to fight worms and helps with stomach related problems. It also has a high content of protein, calcium, and iron and helps in reducing excess body weight. There are also several other turkey berry recipes available to maintain a healthy balance in the body. 

17. Aloo gobi

India is rich in Flora and Fauna. So is Indian cuisine. Phool gobi sabzi as said earlier is easy to prepare. It takes around 30 to 40 minutes to prepare this recipe.  Hence, these ingredients make this recipe more palatable and healthy. Potato Cauliflower Masala Curry is famous among both kids and adults.

18. Potato masala

People may consider potatoes as poor man’s vegetable. But in all reality, potatoes are actually one of the most beneficial vegetables for a human being. It is easy to cook and is a staple food in many parts of the world. Potatoes contain vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, copper, manganese, dietary fiber, phosphorus, niacin as well as pantothenic acid making it an essential part of our diets. 

19. Bhindi Peanut Fry

Okra, also known as bhindi in India or ladies fingers, is largely popular in the country. This humble vegetable although not very rich in taste, has great nutritional value and makes a healthy addition to one’s diet. . Bhindi peanut fry usually takes approximately between 30-45 minutes depending on the method of preparation such as the chopping, grounding or flavouring.

20. Potato fry

In Indian cuisine is full of delicious wonders. There are also many different types of recipes in Indian cuisine from all over India. Potatoes are also good for health and serve as instant source of energy. We are using Potatoes in many recipes of Indian cuisine because of their health benefits and great flavour. These ingredient help in enhancing the flavour of this recipe and increase the health benefits of this recipe as well.

21. Baingan bharta

Brinjals or eggplants are known to be among the most important fruits (considered a vegetable by many) as they are the perfect remedy for the human heart. Brinjals are rich in fiber, potassium and Vitamin B-6 which are essential for reducing the risk of heart diseases which have become a common health issue.  We can also cook it without masalas and spices making it even healthier to eat.

22. Prawn Curry

Bengalis are tremendous foodies. They love to eat food, discuss about food and think about food. Prawns are also full of nutrients. It is a rich protein source. Also, it is low in calorie. It contains Vitamin A and E and different other nutrients like calcium, potassium, phosphorus and so on. Mustard oil used in recipe is also good for health and increases the flavour of this preparation. So, this recipe in whole is very healthy and tasty.

23. Ridge gourd Curry

Ridge gourd is native to the Indian subcontinent besides central and eastern Asia. Contrary to popular belief, ridge gourd is actually more a fruit than a vegetable and has numerous benefits to it. Ridge gourd curry a lot of health benefits with it before its complete maturity when it is still green in colour. 

24. Begun Posto

In India one would find all sorts of tasty and delicious dishes. Especially in the eastern part of India various mouth watering recipes are present.  This recipe is very tasty and is loved by both adults and kids. the main ingredient of this recipe is Begun or Brinjal or Eggplant. Brinjals are healthy vegetables. They are good for heart and are rich in Fibre, Potassium and Vitamins. It also contains antioxidants which help in keeping our arteries healthy and prevent heart attacks. Posto or Poppy Seeds used in this recipe also is full of health benefits.

25. Banana Stem Masala

Bananas are eaten everywhere in the world. In India people eat more than just the fruit Banana. They also eat the flower of Banana.As the name suggests the main ingredient of this recipe is Banana Stem. Banana Stems are also very healthy in nature. They are full of important minerals that are necessary for human consumption. It helps in detoxification and help with kidney stones. They are useful in managing weight.

26. Karela Kumro fry

India is full of delicious wonders. One will find all kind of dishes in this country, ranging from top class non-vegetarian recipes to simple yet delicious vegetarian recipes.  Bitter Gourd though bitter in taste is a treasure chest full of essential nutrients. It is good for persons suffering from diabetes. Also it helps in losing weight. It helps in asthma, skin disease and lots of other health related issues. It is said to be anti-carcinogenic and helps prevent cancer. Pumpkin the main ingredient is also full of health benefits. 

27. Methi Stir fry

Indian cuisine is famous all across the globe. It consists of variety of dishes, flavour and ingredients that are natural produce of India. Methi or Fenugreek is a vegetable naturally produced in India.  Methi is very nutritious leafy vegetable. It helps in lots of health issues like Anaemia, loss of taste, fever, stomach disorder, respiratory disorders, etc. It is also helpful in curing Diabetes. Other ingredients Coconut, Urad Dal, Garlic, Green Chillies and Onions make this dish more palatable and healthy. 

28. Bhindi fry

In India one will find many recipes. There are all recipes here ranging from complicated recipes to easy recipes. Hence, one such recipe is Bhindi fry. It takes around 15 minutes of time to cook. Bhindi Fry is also a simple recipe.   It is also helpful in Diabetes, Asthma, Sun Stroke, Colon Cancer, etc. We can also add Channa Powder to this recipe in order to increase the crispiness. The other ingredients mustard seeds, cumin seeds and red chilli powder increase the flavour and health benefits this recipe.

29. Palak paneer

India is nation with largest vegetarian population across the globe. In India vegetarian dishes are found everywhere. As the name suggests, the main ingredient of this recipe is Palak or spinach. Spinach is also good for health. It contains proteins, vitamins and dietary fibre. It also contains minerals necessary for human consumption. In short spinach is treasure trove of health benefits. Paneer or Cottage cheese is also equally good for health.  Palak Paneer in whole is also a very healthy and tasty curry. 

30. Moong dal Tadka

India is rich in flora and fauna, so is, it is also rich in flavour. Among all the diverse flavours present all around us, we find a common house hold recipe passed down to us for ages. These pulses are very nutritious because these contain abundance of Vitamins and Proteins.

31. Kumro saag

One will find many flavours all around India. Every place in this country has its own speciality.  Kumro Saag, the main ingredient of this recipe, being a leafy vegetable is very healthy. It contains healthy amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium and Iron. Potato also comes with its own share of health benefits. So, in whole this recipe is very healthy and tasty. Mustard oil is also good for health and enhances flavour.

32. Dal makhani

Split pulses such as lentils, peas and beans are popularly known as dal. And are considered a staple food in India. Dal has high protein content and is also rich in minerals and vitamins making it an important food source in a daily diet. Dal makhani contains among the richest sources of proteins and Vitamin B from the family of pulses.

33. Keerai Masiyal

Green vegetables have been proven time and again by health experts that they are good for the human digestive system and body.  One of the most common dishes is keerai masiyal, a recipe that uses greens as the primary ingredient. It is healthy, tasty and smells great regardless of what other ingredients that are put in for its preparation. People with high cholesterol or obesity will find that spinach helps the body by supplying almost every type of important vitamin, besides, proteins, fiber, and zinc.

34. Pachi Pulusu

Vankaya pachi pulusu is an Andhra style broth which goes excellent with rice. The heart of the recipe is burning the egg plant in direct flame. It is rich in calcium, iron, manganese and fiber. It supports weight loss, makes skin glowy and prevents and control heart diseases, blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.



















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